Signs You Need A Commercial Plumbing Pro

Plumbing and electrical are two components of a house that most property owners shy away from touching. A lot can go wrong by taking a DIY attitude toward these systems. That’s why it makes sense to leave it up to the pros the moment you feel a problem might be over your head. And just in case you’re not sure, consider these signs that it’s time for an expert in commercial plumbing

Stinky drains need commercial plumbing

If you notice the drains in your business are smelling bad these days, it’s a good idea to call in an expert on commercial plumbing to have a look. The smell could indicate that your sewage system is backing up and that could turn catastrophic for a business in short order. If you notice a bad smell emanating from the drains, waste no time in having a plumber inspect it as soon as possible.   

Discolored water coming from your sinks

If you notice discolored water coming out of the sinks, or have had your customers report the occurrence, it’s best to call in the pros. Discolored water could signal a problem with pipe corrosion which is nothing to mess around with. A commercial plumber is the person to diagnose the problem and recommend a permanent fix so that you and your customers have only clean water to use while in your space.   

Running or leaky toilets

In your home, a running or leaky toilet can impact your water bill in a big way. Now, compound that problem by several toilets running or leaking at once, and you can have an expensive problem on your hands. If you’ve noticed the sounds of running toilets, waste no time in calling in a trusted commercial plumber to diagnose and fix the problem for good. 

Clogged toilets call for commercial plumbing

As a business owner, you want to provide a clean and comfortable space for your customers to enjoy. The last thing you want them dealing with is clogged toilets in the bathrooms which are smelly and unsightly. If you have repeated problems with clogged toilets and the plunger just isn’t cutting it anymore, call in a commercial plumbing pro for a solid solution. 

4 Signs Your Water Heater Might Be On It’s Last Leg

Imagine for a moment what life would be like without your water heater. Sure, that might be a first world problem, but it’s a modern day convenience that many of us couldn’t imagine living without. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should pay close attention to your water heater for these signs that it might be on it’s last leg. 

An aging water heater

A water heater  is a household appliance with an average lifespan of 10-15 years. This can go wrong with it much sooner than that period, and some machines have been known to last much longer than 10 years. But age is a good factor that you can use to monitor yours. Any hot water heater that’s older than 10 years old should be closely monitored for the quality of it’s output.   

A leaking water heater

If your hot water heater has started leaking anywhere underneath or behind the appliance, it’s time to call in the pros for a fix or replacement. Water heaters can cause a surprising amount of flooding, something that you want to try to avoid as much as you possibly can. Stopping the leak might just require turning a valve or tightening connections, but you should call a plumber anyway to inspect the whole machine for good measure.   

If you’re experiencing cloudy or rusty water

If your hot water taps deliver cloudy or rusty water, that’s a surefire sign that your water heater might be on it’s last leg. Rusty water is caused by rust building up inside the machine’s pipes or even in its tank. That kind of corrosion can eat the metal from the inside out and big leaks are definitely in your future. Cloudy water signals that your water heater is full of mineral deposits which will eventually clog up the machine and damage the other components. 

A lack of hot water or strange noises

If you’re experiencing either a lack of hot water in your house, or you’re starting to hear strange noises emanate from the room where your hot water heater lives, that’s a good sign that it’s a good time to have it checked out. After time, the heating element in the hot water heater will go out and that will eliminate the service of any hot water to your faucets. Any knocking, gurgling, popping, or rumbling noises are another good indication it’s time to call in a pro. 

Warning Signs Your Garbage Disposal Is About To Go Bad

The garbage disposal is definitively a gift to the civilized world. No longer do homeowners have to deal with stinky leftovers in their garbage cans. Instead, they can make them disappear for good; right down the sink. If you have a garbage disposal, it’s wise to keep your eyes open for any signs of problems before you’re caught with a sink full of vegetable stems and peelings. 


Your garbage disposal is probably one of the noisiest appliances in your house. That’s the nature of it. But there are certain kinds of noises that you shouldn’t make. If it is, that alerts you to a potential problem that you might want to have a professional check out. Be on alert for any type of rattling noise that might indicate something stuck in the appliance. 

Performance issues or constant clogs

The point of your garbage disposal is to chop food remnants in tiny enough pieces so that they fit and flow through your septic system without causing any problems. If you’re experiencing clogs often it could indicate that your machine isn’t working properly and could use some love. Plumbers are garbage disposal experts and can probably diagnose the problem pretty quickly.  

If your garbage disposal won’t stop stinking

Garbage disposals can get stinky if organic matter gets caught up in it and spoils. There are a myriad of disposal cleaners and even some homemade varieties though that should take care of the problem quickly. If your stinky disposal persists, it could be an indication that there are bigger problems underfoot. 

No power or constant rest

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on, there is one thing you should check before calling in a pro. Disposals are equipped with reset buttons that can be tough to find, but they all have them. If you press the reset button for 15-20 seconds, it might be just the trick to get your disposal working again. If the reset doesn’t work, then it’s definitely time to call in a professional.