Top Tips for Finding the Best Plumber

You wouldn’t ask a grocery store clerk for help choosing the right supplements. You’d go to your doctor, right? There are specific people for specific jobs that do each job correctly. They are knowledgeable in their industry because they’ve been properly educated, they’ve had enough experience, and they’re passionate about it. The same goes for finding a plumber. You shouldn’t hire just anyone to do the job, but someone skilled who will notice issues before you do. Here are just a few important tips for finding the best plumber in Vero Beach, Florida.

Industry Competition – The plumbing industry is overflowing with competition, and this can get confusing as you scope out the contractors in your area. Check for customs and industry recommendations. Are they updating their website with new knowledge and information? Are they actively participating in the community?

Licensed and Insured – Being licensed and insured is important in any business. But, believe it or not, some businesses only have one or the other, or are lacking both. So, how do you know if they are licensed, insured and up-to-date on all of their plumbing procedures? A low quality service is unacceptable, especially when it comes to your plumbing. To find the best plumber in Vero Beach Florida, only hire licensed plumbers. You may find a service cheaper for those who don’t have license or insurance, but it won’t give you peace of mind. They must comply with policies and carry proper insurance that is up-to-date.

Referrals – Referrals are no-brainer when it comes to finding a solid plumber. It’s not hard to find somebody good at what they do when your trusted friends are raving about them. Almost everyone you know knows somebody in the contracting business. Ask a trusted friend, family member or even a co-worker for their plumber recommendation.

Up-to-Date – Are they using new methods that are effective and up-to-date with current standards within your area? Contractors who continue to use outdated materials and repairing techniques are not the people you want working on your plumbing system. It doesn’t matter how old your home is, the best plumber in Vero Beach Florida will use updated information and investigate the problem before they service your home or building.

Accuracy – Accuracy is vital for getting to the root of the problem. If your plumber doesn’t have the correct information, they will have to come back, and it will be a costly continual visit. They need to perform an accurate and thorough inspection of your home’s plumbing system in order to understand the problem. A reputable plumber will use their experience and knowledge to help identify the cause and take any action that is needed.

Maintenance – A plumber isn’t just there when you’re in a pinch. They are there to care for your whole house piping all year round. Water damage can happen over time, leading to your home’s pipes corroding and the valves needing to be replaced. Preventative care and maintenance is essential before severe damage occurs. A reputable plumber will thoroughly inspect your home, not just when there’s a problem. This prevents damages in the future.

You don’t have to have an immediate plumbing issue to find a good plumber. Morrison Plumbing Service specializes in commercial and residential plumbing, not just when issues or accidents occur. They’re capable of repiping, assisting water heaters, performing video inspections, providing leak detection, and more. Inspections are always a great place to start. Call the experts at Morrison Plumbing today to schedule an appointment.

What Type of Pipe Is Used In Commercial Plumbing?

Your commercial business may be your home away from home, but it’s certainly different, structurally. So when it comes time to fix the minor- or major – details in your commercial building, it can get a little ominous, depending on the severity of the issue. It’s best to leave the fixing to commercial plumbing Vero Beach contractors. If you try to DIY, it may cost you more than you expected.

Commercial vs. Residential

As stated, commercial and residential buildings differ greatly. Your residential plumbing includes basic water, drain and sewer lines. Water heaters and everyday plumbing needs are handled by a residential plumbing expert. However, when it comes to commercial properties, the details are a little more complex. You have installation faucet repair that covers many forms of businesses, from larger housing complexes to stadiums. A commercial plumbing Vero Beach contractor is licensed to maintain extensive waste removal and even the water supply systems of these larger commercial buildings. The efficiency of the plumbing system, in terms of piping, greatly exceeds that of basic residential pipes because of its consistent public use. If one sink clogs, the entire building is going to be affected at some point because it all plays a collaborative role together.

Which Pipes Are Commercial Use Only?

Commercial pipes are a specific type and size. A commercial building can suffer instantly from plumbing issues, so it is vital to have the correct plumbing pipes and have them in their designated areas. These materials need to withstand heavy usage and last a long time. With that said, there are a few varieties of pipes that your commercial plumbing Vero Beach company will most likely use.

CPVC piping is a variant that includes added chlorine and that is very easy to work with. This kind of piping makes it a safe fit for drinking water but much like PVC piping, it can split in freezing conditions.

Brass is an option that has a long life span and is quite popular in commercial settings. A brass pipe has at least 85% copper, providing maximum durability and making it resistant to friction loss and interior rust. You will usually find water heaters and tanks using these types of piping in the commercial setting.

Copper, similar in cost to stainless steel, is resistant to corrosion and highly durable. Copper piping is also versatile which makes it suitable for hot and cold water and even high pressure situations. It handles very well underground and with refrigerants, as well.

PVC is most commonly used, but  it does not handle UV rays or heat very well. Leaning towards the inexpensive side, it’s limited in drainage use and isn’t nearly as flexible as you’ll need your commercial pipes to be. To avoid splitting and leaking in freezing conditions, be sure that your PVC piping is properly insulated and not exposed.

Cast iron is an old standby that is the heaviest of all types of plumbing. Its heavy duty design handles some pretty heavy pressure, is fire resistant, and is naturally soundproof.

PEX  is easier to maintain and is readily available. It is a new  material option which can tolerate heat and cold extremely well.  Most commercial buildings use this piping as a means of water supply. They are flexible and specifically designed for outdoor use as well, which makes them a popular plumbing option.

Stainless steel is a not-so-common plumbing type. Your commercial plumbing Vero Beach contractor may not use this or recommend this plumbing type because of its hefty cost. It’s well worth the cost in some commercial settings, as corrosion is a factor and stainless steel is stronger than 90% of the other plumbing types.

Plumbing issues in general are no joke, whether residential or commercial. Are you having issues with your commercial plumbing? Don’t try to fix it –  call the Morrison Plumbing team today!

Useful Plumbing Tips at Home

You don’t have to call the plumber for every issue, but you do need to know what kind of circumstance prompts that phone call. Before you even get to that point, there are signs and tips you should learn to help deter any major plumbing disasters before they even begin. These useful tips will help you to avoid future problems and keep a clean home piping system, too!

What’s Home Piping?

Your home is made with a whole house piping system that is your plumbing. Its responsibility is to dispose of waste materials. Depending on your home’s condition and its age, your pipes will generally consist of PVC, PEX, galvanized steel, cast iron, or flexi. The age of your home will determine what kind of pipes you have and how they function. For example, clay pipes were used in the 1940’s, until it was discovered how easily they clog. How would you even know if your home’s piping system has clay or newer pipes? Aside from guessing by its age, an expert plumber can tell instantly. You should have up-to-date pipes, and older pipes should be replaced right away by the best plumber in Vero Beach Florida.

Tips for At-Home Plumbing

It’s good to remind homeowners of these helpful tips, because they are easy to take for granted until something goes amiss and you need help. So, before you call the best plumber in Vero Beach Beach to come and assist, these useful tips will help you keep a clean and healthy piping system for years to come.

  1. Don’t Flush It – Most of the time, it’s not flushable (no matter what the commercial or packaging says). Now, there are certain items you can flush, but if you’re unsure of its contents or whether it can even be flushed, just don’t flush it.
  1. Use the Plunger – Plungers aren’t just for toilets. Sometimes, even sink drains get clogged and need moving. When there’s just not enough efficient water flow through your sink, use the plunger to free the clog. Most of the time, this solves the problem.
  1. Immediate Leak Repair – If you spot a leak anywhere in your home, have it repaired immediately by your local plumber (or sometimes yourself, if a plumber can’t get to it immediately). Water waste is not a small deal, and can bring a hefty utility bill.
  1. Home Renovation Check – Before you begin a home DIY project that requires puncturing walls or adding on, check with your local plumber to ensure that your home’s pipes aren’t on the other side of that wall. Home renovations are expensive by themselves; you don’t need water damage and broken piping added to the mix!
  1. Wet-Dry Vac for Clogs – When kitchen and bathroom sinks get clogged, we tend to run for the drain cleaner. Instead, try to wet-dry the vacuum to suck up the excess water. If you’re experiencing more than one clog quite often, it’s time to call the professionals before it worsens.
  1. Clean Disposal – You’re probably aware that grease and vegetable shavings wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. Keep a clean and clear sink/disposal area at all times. Don’t drain water until you’ve first cleared the sink.

From whole house piping to leak detection and video inspections, if you want the best plumber in Vero Beach, Florida, Morrison Plumbing has a team of experts that take it to the next level. With sound advice and guidance on keeping a clean piping system, their maintenance service will take care of a problem before it starts. For commercial and residential plumbing, contact our experts today to schedule an appointment!

The 4 Most Common Plumbing Problems (And When To Call The Pros!)

Your plumbing consists of pipes, valves, fixtures, and other elements that move fluid to and from your home. It’s also a part of your HVAC system, which is the heartbeat of your home. The HVAC system is responsible for heating and cooling, and providing efficient airflow around your home. So, while your plumbing is responsible for the removal of waste and bringing fresh water to and from your home, it’s not limited to these specifics. It plays other roles that sometimes get overlooked when there’s a plumbing problem. A commercial and residential plumbing Vero Beach expert knows all about these common mishaps so you know what to look for before a serious issue arises.

Garbage Disposal Jam

Garbage disposals are great to have in the kitchen. They grind foods for an effortless flow to your drain and pipes. But there are limits to what you can allow in a garbage disposal. Keeping a healthy plumping system in your home or business means that you’ll need to watch what you put down the sink. Consumer Reports warn that grease, oils, shell (fish), vegetable peels, and eggshells are among the top 10 garbage disposal hazards to your plumbing system. Much like the idea that you shouldn’t throw Q-Tips down a toilet, you shouldn’t put certains foods down your drain disposal, either!

Toilet Overflow

Once in a while, you’ll run into an overflowing toilet issue. Kids love to flush things down the toilet! But if you’re noticing an overflow almost every time you flush, there may be a plumbing issue. WIth each flush, the toilet water should go back down with ease. If it doesn’t, and you’ve plunged it constantly, this means that you should call a residential plumbing Vero Beach expert right away.

A Rise In The Monthly Bill

This should be pretty obvious to the home or business owner, but oftentimes, our lives are so busy, we don’t really know what a fair water utility bill actually looks like. Unless it’s an outrageous cost, we’ll pay it with no questions asked. Assuming you keep your monthly statements, try to compare your current bill to your previous ones. If you suspect that you are paying more for your monthly water bills, chances are a leak is happening and you don’t even know it. A rise in your utility bill is a definite sign that something is wrong.

Slowly Draining

If you notice your sink or bathtub releasing the water slowly, it may be partially or completely clogged. This can be easily remedied by using a set of tweezers or a snake to retrieve the objects that are in the way of water flow. If you can’t see the force that’s doing the clogging, you may use a drain cleaner that can help flush it out safely. Be careful not to use drainage cleaner often, though, as these chemicals can eat away at your pipes if you use them on a regular basis. If you find yourself constantly cleaning the slow moving drains, you’re better off calling a pro. It may be much deeper than you think!

A Little Maintenance

You can certainly care for your household plumbing to prevent such issues from arising in the first place. Check your toilet for leaks by adding a drop of food coloring to the tank then wait an hour and come back to see if it’s leaking into the bowl. Use vinegar on shower heads to keep mineral deposits from getting clogged. Of course, when it comes to flushable items,  toilet paper is the only material that is flushable, no matter what the store packaging says!

Need a whole-house repiping? Perhaps you noticed a rise in your water bill and you suspect it’s a deeper issue than it appears. Call the experts at Morrison Plumbing for all things residential and commercial plumbing!

Which Water Heater is Best for My Home?

Your water heater is, well, just as it sounds – the plumbing element that heats the water in your home. But that’s not its only job; the water heater is responsible for the stove that you use for cooking, your washing machine, and bathtub. It is responsible for heating the pipes that bring outside water into your home. Without this handy household helper, you’d be limited in how you cook and function in your home. That said, there are few different types of water heaters that function best with specific homes. All water heaters have the same mechanisms of heat function; however, they differ slightly in efficiency from home to home. Your water heater installation Vero Beach plumber knows which hot water heater will best suit your home and family needs.

Water Heaters: Which One Do I Need?

We’ve learned a little bit about what your water heater does. It heats your home by supplying hot water through cold pipes. You cook and clean with the water that your water heater heats. Now let’s discuss types of water heaters. There are two types, being tankless and tanked. The water heaters with tanks warm the incoming cold water by means of electric heating rods or a gas burner inside of the tank. After this heated water reaches a certain temperature, your water heater then stores the heated water in the tank. Tanked water heaters can also run out of water, depending on your usage. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, running out of your nice warm shower water isn’t exactly relaxing. Even hotter climates such as Florida can get a cold spell every once in a while. That is why it’s essential to have an efficient supply of water from your water heater.

Tankless water heaters are just that- tankless. They are responsible for heating the water as you turn on the tap, whether you’re taking a shower or washing the dishes. You don’t have to concern yourself with running out of hot water, as you are getting it directly from the source. Solar water heaters provide heat to your home through the sun’s heat. This is a popular and energy- efficient way to save money on heating your home. And lastly, the heat pump water heaters work to move heat around your home, not just through the provision of hot water.

And then we have boilers. A boiler works the same way, but by turning water into steam. This steam is an efficient and inexpensive way to transport heat throughout your home. A boiler heats the pipes within your home’s walls. Unlike a water heater, a boiler cannot be used to heat water for your showers or to cook food on the stove. Old-style heating systems such as radiators use boilers. They turn the water into steam that sends the heat through the walls or floors of the house. It can be an energy-efficient way to heat your home; however, more and more people are choosing tank or tankless water heaters.

So you may be wondering if you should replace your current water heater. Perhaps you have an older home and you’d like something that is energy-efficient and cost-effective.  Or perhaps you just need an upgrade. Determining which water heater is best for your home would depend on your budget, the fuel type and its availability, and the size of your home.

Now that you have expanded your knowledge of water heaters, you can decide on which one is right for your home. The water heater installation Vero Beach plumbers at Morrison Plumbing have over 30 years of experience. They are a full-service company and provide commercial and residential plumbing repairs. They can help you choose a modern system that will fit the functionality of your home and improve your quality of life. Give them a call today!

How Can I Detect a Leak in My Home?

Whether in a new or old home, problems with your home are inevitable to some degree. From minor issues such as a plunging a toilet to a major pipe leakage, you’re bound to experience some form of maintenance in the home. But some home improvement projects can’t be taken on because there’s a deeper issue in the home. These helpful tips will prepare you on what to look for and how to address leaks in your home.


Types of Leaks

Other than just a leaky pipe, there are a few other types of leaks that can happen in your home. Toilet, slab or foundational, pipes, and water leaks are common occurrences.

There are other types of leaks that may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but if your suspicion tells you that you have one, it’s best to call a plumber in Vero Beach to be sure.


Water, Water Everywhere

A 2010 study shows that 27,400 million gallons of water were used per day in U.S. residential homes. This estimate is contingent upon family size. Of course, the larger the family, the more water is used. But there are plenty of devices in the home that use a lot of water. Flushing the toilet, washing machines, and even showers use a significant amount of water. So if you think about it, water is constantly moving in and out of your home, day and night! At some point, it’s only natural to experience water leaks because it’s the most used substance in your home.


How to Spot a Water Leak

The best place to look first for leaks inside your home is the water meter. First, make sure that no one is using the water inside or outside your home before you check the leak indicator. Depending on the meter you have, it could be a little red dial or arm. If the dial or arm is moving, you most likely have a leak. Now, determining where the leak is may be tricky, but you can check in all the obvious places. Check under places like the bathroom sinks, laundry units, and the kitchen sinks. If they are dry, then you’ll want to look for puddles around the water heater, shower, tubs and toilets.

The water pressure in your home should be relatively consistent. If you find that the water pressure is slow or too powerful, something may be preventing the efficiency of water flow in your home. It could be in one pipe or many pipes. The way to know for sure is to check the water flow at each source- for example, the tub, sinks, and other main water sources. If you find the water pressure is low in all sources, you may have a leak in the main water line.

If you notice the sound of dripping water in your home yet nobody’s using the shower or faucet, that’s a direct indication that there is a leak somewhere. Pay extra attention to your home when it’s quiet, for example at night or early in the morning.

A sure fire sign of water leakage in your home is finding moisture damage on the ceilings or drywall. These spots can mean serious damage on the other end and indicates water has been running for days. In this case, it’s time to call a leak detection service expert here in Vero Beach to get it under control.

Plumbing Basics for Every Homeowner

Basic plumbing knowledge is more than just grabbing the plunger if the toilet is clogged or knowing that you don’t throw paper towels in the toilet. From toilet to tub, plumbing is the whole piping system that brings water efficiently around your home, and back out. If that piping system is flawed in the slightest way, your home can’t function properly, and you’ll soon see how inconvenient that can be. For a functional, smoothly working plumbing system in your home, you’ll need to understand some basics so you can care for your home in the best way.

The Inner Workings

Whether you’re considering a home improvement project, or you just want to know some basic home plumbing techniques, it’s important to know your home’s inner workings or “core” before getting started. Each home is built with a whole piping system that brings water to and from your home, and it’s important to know that there are several different plumbing systems for different homes. For example, in South Florida, a home’s structure would differ from one in Oregon. Both geographical regions have plumbing, but because of their geographics, they will require separate maintenance techniques. There are handy plumbers in Vero Beach who can show you how to properly care for your home’s plumbing system.

House plumbing has two main systems: the drain-waste-vent system and the water supply system. A home usually consists of gas and water lines (pipes), supply pipes, the main sewage drain, vent stack, water softener/heater, and main soil stack. Perhaps you’ve heard of these names somewhere in your findings. Or maybe you’ve had to have one of these plumbing systems fixed. This isn’t everything, but enough to give you an idea of your home’s basic plumbing structure. When you do a load of laundry, your home’s plumbing system should be working as efficiently as when you turn on the stove for tea.

The Basics of Home Plumbing Care

Your home’s plumbing system isn’t as complicated as you think. In case of an issue, you’ll be glad to know where the shut off valves are and what to tell your plumber before they arrive. Flooding from plumbing issues can cause a great deal of damage, especially if it goes unnoticed for long periods of time. Should you have an issue with flooding, the first thing you’ll need to do is shut off the main water valve. You can find this valve near any major appliance with a water source, such as a washing machine or fridge.

It’s important to know that within the two main systems are two subsystems. One carries clean water for drinking and bathing, and the other carries out wastewater.

It’s also important to get specific closet augers for porcelain bowls. Typically, regular augers tend to scratch the bowl.

Grease is never to be poured down the drain. Cooking oil or any kind of grease should never go down the drain, even when flushed with hot water. Grease can actually coagulate in the pipes as it works through to cause clogs and backup. It should be disposed of after allowing it to cool in an aluminum can or a glass jar to be thrown into the trash can.

While many things can be “flushable” according to their package, they simply aren’t. Toilet paper should be the only thing you flush down a toilet. Anything else will clog or corrode the toilet!

Lastly, to prevent pipe corrosion, store bought drain cleaners are not to be used. The best and most efficient method for cleaning the pipes is baking soda, hot water, or vinegar.

You don’t need to have plumbing issues as a reason to call your local plumbers in Vero Beach, FL. Morrison Plumbing Service is a group of professionals who can assist and educate you in whatever plumbing needs you have. Call to schedule an appointment today!

How To Care For Your Garbage Disposal

Way back in the 1930s, a dutiful husband named John Hammes invented a kitchen appliance called a garburator in hopes of helping his wife with kitchen cleaning duties. The idea caught on in the 1950s and 1960s, and this appliance quickly became a must-have on everyone’s kitchen wish list. If you’re the grateful owner of a modern garbage disposal, you may or may not know that they require a little bit of regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition.  

An easy clean for your garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is a heavy lifter when it comes to kitchen cleanup duties. It’s wise to throw a handful of ice cubes into the disposal while it’s running every now and then. The ice will sharpen the blades of the disposal without damaging them. The ice chips made from the chopped up ice will remove any debris stuck in the nooks and crannies of the appliance. 

Consider rinsing with a degreaser

It’s always a bad idea to pour any cooking oil or grease down your garbage disposal. Liquid oil turns semi-solid to solid when introduced to cooler temperatures creating the perfect recipe for clogged pipes. Even if you’re careful never to pour grease or oil down the drain, some still rinses off dirty dishes as you wash them. That’s why it’s a good idea to routinely pour a small amount of degreaser down the drain to help break down any trapped grease. 

Lemons and your garbage disposal

Making fresh lemonade? Do your garbage disposal a favor and get rid of the leftover rinds in it. The citric acid will help to clean the blades and the natural scent will deodorize the appliance. It’s smart to cut the squeezed lemons into small pieces before adding them to the disposal so as not to cause a jam.  

Foods you should not add to a garbage disposal

There are a few foods found in your kitchen that you should never put down your garbage disposal. The big one, already discussed above, is oil or grease. You should also avoid adding bones, celery, coffee grounds, egg shells, seeds, potato peels, and pasta. 

Finding the Right Plumber for Bathroom Remodeling

Not all plumbers are created equal. And for your bathroom remodeling project you’ll only want the best. But, how do you find the best? The process can be tricky. As you’re looking, consider these important questions that you should ask candidates in the running. 

Bathroom remodeling estimates

One clear way to see the difference from one plumber candidate for your bathroom remodeling project, is by looking carefully at their estimates for project cost. If they are thorough, and reasonable, thinking carefully about the projects and what situation might crop up, you’re probably considering an experienced and viable candidate. And the best candidates will want to have a complete look at the project, in person, well before putting any estimates down on paper.  

Know who will complete the work

Another important question to ask is if the plumbing professional with whom you’re discussing the project will be the one completing the work. Or, if they have crews of much less experienced workers that will be completing the work instead. If the senior plumber is there all along the way to help guide his workers, that isn’t necessarily a problem. If he floats from job to job and doesn’t spend much time at any one, that could become a real problem.   

Licensing, bonding, and insurance

Of course you’ll want to be sure that any plumber you hire to complete your bathroom remodel has the necessary protections in place for themselves, their workers, and for you. As to see their business license. Make sure they are insured to cover any mishaps that might arise with the project. And, inquire about bonding which means that the plumbing company has secured a bond to cover any claim that you might be able to make against their work or finished product. 

Ask for a bathroom remodeling time frame

If you’re renovating a guest bath that isn’t used much in your home, the inconvenience of the remodel won’t feel so severe. If you’re overhauling your master bath, you’ll miss having it while it’s out of commission. Days and weeks can easily feel like months. So, it’s important to have a frank conversation with the plumber you do hire about project turnaround expectations. Don’t pick a plumber who is wishy washy about this, or who can’t commit to a clear time frame.

Signs You Need A Commercial Plumbing Pro

Plumbing and electrical are two components of a house that most property owners shy away from touching. A lot can go wrong by taking a DIY attitude toward these systems. That’s why it makes sense to leave it up to the pros the moment you feel a problem might be over your head. And just in case you’re not sure, consider these signs that it’s time for an expert in commercial plumbing

Stinky drains need commercial plumbing

If you notice the drains in your business are smelling bad these days, it’s a good idea to call in an expert on commercial plumbing to have a look. The smell could indicate that your sewage system is backing up and that could turn catastrophic for a business in short order. If you notice a bad smell emanating from the drains, waste no time in having a plumber inspect it as soon as possible.   

Discolored water coming from your sinks

If you notice discolored water coming out of the sinks, or have had your customers report the occurrence, it’s best to call in the pros. Discolored water could signal a problem with pipe corrosion which is nothing to mess around with. A commercial plumber is the person to diagnose the problem and recommend a permanent fix so that you and your customers have only clean water to use while in your space.   

Running or leaky toilets

In your home, a running or leaky toilet can impact your water bill in a big way. Now, compound that problem by several toilets running or leaking at once, and you can have an expensive problem on your hands. If you’ve noticed the sounds of running toilets, waste no time in calling in a trusted commercial plumber to diagnose and fix the problem for good. 

Clogged toilets call for commercial plumbing

As a business owner, you want to provide a clean and comfortable space for your customers to enjoy. The last thing you want them dealing with is clogged toilets in the bathrooms which are smelly and unsightly. If you have repeated problems with clogged toilets and the plunger just isn’t cutting it anymore, call in a commercial plumbing pro for a solid solution.