Leaky faucets can be as a result of worn-out and old washers breaking down and allowing water to trickle through them. On the other hand, hard-to-turn faucet controls always result from hard water deposits and accumulation of sediments in the faucet cartridge. When this happens, you need faucet repair immediately. You can easily detect and diagnose a water faucet leak. Usually, if you see water dripping from a faucet that has been turned off, then you can conclude that you are experiencing a faucet leak and need to call in Morrison Plumbing Service.

Faucet leaks can be caused by different things and can occur in other places other than the spout. Make sure you check the bottom of the faucet and beneath the sink for any leaks. And, if you suspect that you have a faucet leak, it’s a good idea to contact us to deal with the issue immediately before it causes damage to your floors, walls, and vanities.

Don’t let a dripping faucet ruin your day. Morrison Plumbing Service specializes in outdoor faucet repair, bathroom faucet repair, and kitchen faucet repair. A dripping faucet can be a minor inconvenience or a major disturbance to you, and the constant sound of trickling water can be quite disturbing. What’s more, is a fully-fledged faucet leak leads to an increased water bill and it is also environmentally unfriendly.

At Morrison Plumbing Service, we have professional faucet repair service technicians who will fix your faucet quickly. We boast of having the right tools to perform any faucet repair service in your room. The best part is that this comes at a minimal cost since most leaking faucets are small-time fixes.


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